Brands that are taking part in trade shows have been encouraged to hand out promotional merchandise at their stand.

According to Susan Bolam, commercial director at Jellybean Creative Solutions, companies must make their stands “interesting, fun and engaging”.

This, she said, means they could benefit from considering options such as multi-sensory features, giant models and brand ambassadors.

Ms Bolam also suggested giving away items for free and offering handy bags, as well as free samples.

However, she said firms must make sure they provide “something you’d stop for”.

She went on to state that companies must make sure they know what they want to achieve from taking part in a trade show.

Ms Bolam said this would enable them to be “single-minded” and proceed with a clear view of what they hope to get out of their participation.

She added that companies would benefit from relating everything to a particular theme or message, so they can “make it clear to visitors” what they want to get across.

Top Ten Tips for Exhibiting, B2B Marketing

Posted by Robin McCrink