Brands must be mindful of good spelling, punctuation and grammar when they are marketing to customers, an expert has advised.

According to Amir Jirbandey, UK Marketing Manager at Mailjet, typos can potentially confuse and alienate a target audience.

Furthermore, he believes getting the finer details right can be the difference between looking professional and looking incompetent.

As a result, Mr Jirbandey has stressed that every piece of text that goes out has to be double or triple-checked.

Marketers were also encouraged to leave a gap between actually writing the copy and going back over it, as this can lead to greater clarity.

“Additionally, get someone who hasn’t worked on the project to review it as they’ll be more likely to notice any mistakes or hidden meanings,” Mr Jirbandey commented.

He acknowledged that everyone who produces copy is human and that mistakes can occur.

However, he said being vigilant for them is very important if an organisation wants its brand and its messaging to be taken seriously.

Mr Jirbandey went on to note that people can often have very strong reactions to typos. 

Indeed, he cited research showing that those who get most annoyed by mistakes sometimes go as far as cutting people out of their lives if their spelling and grammar are especially poor.

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