Promotional lanyards are incredibly useful for large music, cultural or even sporting events, as they allow those involved behind the scenes to show their credentials.

The US Open tennis tournament took a step towards helping the environment this year, but ensuring that all 26,000 promotional lanyards were made from recycled material.

And that material in question was crushed tennis ball cans, which had been used for the Open the previous year, recycled to create the eco lanyards.

500 pounds of the cans were needed in order to create the lanyards, with the original product being crush into flakes before being reconstituted as promotional lanyards.

Members of the media use the lanyards to gain access to restricted areas, as do the players, so they make up an important part of the organisational infrastructure for the event.

Visitors to the event were also able to purchase the promotional lanyards as a souvenir of their trip to the tournament, which Andy Murray won, making him the first Brit to win a Grand Slam title for 76 years.

An inside look at Day 4 of the Open, The New York Post

Posted by Carl Blackshaw