Want to really drive a 'green revolution' in the workplace and get your staff to start recycling more?

Well you'll need to do more than just putting a recycling bin in the corner of the office, according to the Aluminium Packaging Recycling Organisation (Alupro).

With employers becoming more and more focused on environmentally friendly initiatives, recognising both the cost benefits and the good they can do for the planet, recycling programmes are an ever-increasing part of the workplace.

However, the key is to get staff on board and one way to do this is through effective staff communication, which can be bolstered by promotional products.

“It really does need to be supported by a communications program to communicate to the workforce that recycling does make a difference,” said Rick Hindley, executive director of Alupro.

“It's all about reassuring people that the materials are recycled into something of value, that it's easy and it's not a task you're doing as a one-off.”

There's a whole host of ways promotional items could be employed here – why not reward your star performers with some branded mugs, or give out corporate clothing every time a certain number of things are recycled?

Interview with Alupro, Adfero, Friday November 18th.

Posted by Carl Blackshaw