Local councils might want to use promotional merchandise to let residents know about new collection services being offered.

It can sometimes be hard to communicate a message to a large group of people, but promotional items could really help to get the word out.

Shropshire Council recently launched plastic bottles collections in Bridgnorth – the first time the town's residents will be able to recycle from the roadside.

To let people know about the new service, which starts at the end of October this year, the authority will distribute collection calendars giving details of the service to homes in the area over a two-week period.

In addition, the council may want offer promotional pens alongside the posted calendars – a great way to drive a recycling message.

Or, after the two-week period, it could stage a series of roadshows at which it will distribute printed pens and mugs.

“The collection of plastic bottles from the kerbside has already proved extremely popular with residents in other areas of the county and is helping to boost the amount of household waste that is recycled in Shropshire,” said councillor John Hurst-Knight, cabinet member for waste.

Plastic bottle collections to start in Bridgnorth area“. Shropshire Council. Friday September 16th 2011.

Posted by Carl Blackshaw