Gathering your workforce together for a drink of tea out of promotional mugs could be one way to soothe some common office bugbears.

New research from Samsung has revealed the irritations, annoying habits, workplace problems and general inanities that plague the UK's office workers.

According to the poll of more than 1,500 employees, over two-thirds (68 per cent) of respondents chose slow IT systems as their top bugbear, with print delays caused by jams (42 per cent) voted second.

Unnecessary email traffic (39 per cent) came in third, followed by colleagues talking too loudly on their phones (34 per cent) and colleagues leaving the printer tray empty coming in at number five (27 per cent). 

Frustrating delays caused by IT problems are a common cause of annoyance in the workplace – why not distribute some promotional mugs to help boost workplace morale?

Of colleagues' annoyances, eating smelly food in the office was a problem for 19 per cent, while workers that never offer to make a cup of tea or coffee frustrated 12 per cent – another great reason to use promotional mugs!

“It's really interesting to see this 'can't live with it, can't live without it' approach to technological developments from office workers in the UK,” said Dion Smith, general manager, print at Samsung UK.

“It appears that all the fantastic benefits technology can bring to an office environment are being counteracted by its misuse and this needs to be addressed as content employees are at heart of every business.”

Posted by Robin McCrink