Marketing campaigns could soon be set to become more focused around a firm’s values, rather than its products or services.

This is the view of Josh Graff, marketing solutions director for Europe, the Middle East and Africa at LinkedIn, who believes values-based marketing will “become the norm” in 2015.

“More than ever, a company’s brand is as much about the people they employ, the culture they create and the values they believe as it is the content in their ads or even the products themselves,” he commented.

This, he stated, means more and more consumers are considering these factors when they are making purchasing decisions.

Indeed, Mr Graff said issues such as the functionality or aesthetic of a product is just one of many matters under consideration, along with supply chain transparency, diversity in the workplace and corporate social responsibility.

Employee satisfaction was also flagged up as a key factor that swings people’s buying decisions, along with the longer-term vision of a firm.

Mr Graff has therefore urged marketers to engage with the other divisions in their company in order to get a stronger understanding of these issues and use it to “develop and convey a more rounded story” to their target audiences.

He added that with the emergence of social media in the last few years, the balance of power has shifted away from organisations and into the hands of consumers.

Mr Graff said this means they have the ability to “force the hand” of those businesses that fail to meet their ever-increasing expectations.

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Posted by Robin McCrink