Virtual reality has the potential to transform the marketing industry, an expert believes.

According to Alice Malthouse, Programmatic Account Executive at NMPi, the technology is often associated with gaming, but it is in fact becoming increasingly available on a wider scale.

Indeed, she said that by purchasing a cardboard headset and a smartphone app, anyone can “easily access this once mysterious world.”

Ms Malthouse therefore believes virtual reality could revolutionise marketing, as it provides a different user experience than traditional platforms.

“On wearing the headsets, the user fully submerges themselves into an experience which demands their full attention and prevents the user from being distracted,” she observed.

“Virtual reality also requires the input of bodily movement to create a rich and immersive experience. Thereby the level of involvement is vastly different from traditional methods.”

Ms Malthouse also pointed out that virtual reality will be a novel experience for lots of people and induce feelings of joy and excitement.

This, she said, will set it apart from more common marketing methods and encourage people to share their positive experience with others.

Ms Malthouse stated that this could happen both by word of mouth and via online platforms, therefore giving brands a “secondary boost” of publicity.

She went on to acknowledge that this effect will only remain for as long as virtual reality is being hyped up and is still seen as fresh and exciting.

However, she believes this means there is a window that “should be taken advantage of by brands who want to keep ahead of the curve.”

Vox Pop: Will virtual reality be the marketing industry’s saviour? The Drum