Websites and promotional emails need to be optimised so they display properly on mobile devices, experts have stated.

According to Econsultancy, young people are particularly likely to click through to websites from emails accessed via mobile gadgets, such as tablets and smartphones.

The organisation acknowledged that a growing number of marketers are responding to this trend by making sure their emails show up properly when they are viewed in this way.

However, it pointed out that many organisations are still to act on this and are continuing to send out emails and run websites that are not optimised for mobile devices.

Econsultancy has therefore suggested that companies address this problem and consider mobile users when they are designing emails and web pages.

For instance, it stated that images need to be large and distinct, while users should not be required to pinch and zoom.

The organisation also insisted that typefaces need to be clear and stand out from the background, with all the content being as concise as possible.

Econsultancy went on to recommend that companies ensure mobile web pages are capable of loading up very quickly, with “large and colourful” calls to action “for our clumsy thumbs”.

“The key to getting this right is ensuring that landing pages are optimised for mobile just as well as the email – the experience should be as seamless on mobile as it is on desktop,” the organisation commented.

Econsultancy added that optimising landing pages is a “big part of increasing conversions”, since mobile users want to be able to access the content they are looking for with just a small number of clicks and a minimal loading time.

The organisation said this is important because of the “likely circumstances” of these people, such as the possibility they are in a rush or trying not to exceed their data caps.

How do marketers manage their mobile email channel effectively?, Econsultancy

Posted by Robin McCrink