Traditional word of mouth conversation remains a key marketing tool, according to the latest research.

A new survey by the Global Travel Group concluded that spreading the word is an effective way to get new customers, with four out of five respondents believing it offers the best success rates compared to other marketing tools, including radio, television or print advertising.

“Despite a vast array of marketing tools designed to target audiences in every way, shape or form, it seems the age-old standard of word-of-mouth is still the most popular way for businesses to attract new clients,” explained head of marketing Darren Zabinski.

He added that it is key for businesses to continue to understand the importance of face-to-face relationships to help boost sales as well as discover new ways of targeting customers.

The survey also revealed there was growing support for social media with Facebook and Twitter ranked as the second most popular marketing options for gaining new leads and attracting new business.

What’s the best way to win new clients?, Travelmole

Posted by Robin McCrink