Yorkshire Tea has praised the impact of its latest multi-million marketing campaign.

The company launched a £5 million promotional drive in 2015 in an effort to become the second largest tea brand in the UK and broaden its audience.

Kevin Sinfield, Head of Brand Marketing at Taylors of Harrogate, pointed out that the traditional black tea market has been suffering recently, since there is so much competition on the market.

Indeed, he said the influx of “countless” juices and other cold drinks has led to other areas being seen as “more innovative and exciting than tea.

However, Mr Sinfield pointed out that Britain remains “a nation of tea drinkers” and that “few categories can restore or uplift like a cup of tea.

As a result, its marketing campaign focused heavily on being “exciting, funny and positive” which he said are “traits we want to retain going forward.

In the 12 weeks since the launch of the campaign, the brand has attracted half a million new buyers. Mr Sinfield is therefore confident about the brand’s prospects in the coming months.

“While it’s hard to deliver cut through, as a brand we seek to continue to challenge and stand out from our competitors this year,” he commented.

A significant measure of Yorkshire Tea’s recent success came when it was included in YouGov’s list of the top ten brands in the UK.

The BrandIndex is based on how members of the public perceive brands on a day-to-day basis in areas such as quality, reputation, buzz and overall satisfaction.

Yorkshire Tea was the only name in the fast-moving consumer goods sector to make it into the top ten, ahead of the likes of PG Tips and Douwe Egberts.

The organisation also ranked above prominent names in other industries, including YouTube, Apple and Waitrose.