Assured Food Standards (AFS), a not-for-profit organisation which represents both farmers and food processors, has hired a creative agency to ensure the general public are made more aware of the organisation and what it does.

As a result of the new marketing drive, AFS branding is likely to end up on a number of promotional items and food products – including dairy products, cereal, beer and a huge array of processed and packaged meats.

The distinctive ASF logo incorporates a red tractor and denotes that any item labeled with it was produced and manufactured to exacting food safety, animal welfare and environmental standards.

“While the red tractor logo has strong recognition among UK shoppers, we have briefed the agency to convert this awareness into greater understanding,” Richard Cattell, head of marketing at the organisation, said.

Many major retailers already include the branding on their promotional items and own-brand food products – including Asda, Sainsbury's, Tesco and Morrisons.

1 Brownsell, Alex. “Red Tractor body aims to boost food standards kitemark”. Thursday, April 14th 2011.

Posted by Robin McCrink