Companies need to build meaningful relationships with their customers if they are to enjoy marketing success, it has been claimed.

According to Mark Sage, loyalty director at Carlson Marketing, companies not only need to make doing business easier for their customers, but they need to define themselves clearly so that they stand out from the competition.

“The message [has to be] clear. It's better, faster, more – always about beating the competition,” Mr Sage told

He added: “Loyalty marketing is no different. It's focused on building relationships that make doing business easier and more rewarding – the aim is to keep customers and by definition keep them away from competitors.”

Mr Sage points out some marketing advice contained within the book Blue Ocean Strategy, which states that instead of battling with rival firms, businesses should be engaging with their customers.

Just this week, British Gas stepped up its customer acquisition campaign by signing up to the Home Move Box programme – which delivers promotional gifts direct to people's new homes when they move house.

1 Sage, Mark. “Forget your competitors – focus on your customers“. Tuesday, April 18th 2011.

Posted by Robin McCrink