Want your charity's fundraising campaign to be successful? Then you need it to garner complaints, not praise, it has been claimed.

Fundraising consultant Ken Burnett told the Institute of Fundraising's National Convention this week that charities should be looking for complaints running into their thousands if their campaigns are to have impact, ThirdSector reports.

“The more complaints we have, the more impact,” he was quoted as saying. “Complainers care. We should be looking for 3,000 complaints or even more.”

Mr Burnett also said fundraisers should be looking for campaigns to bring in money, not just raise awareness.

“The stupidest question in fundraising is asking what level of donor service we should provide,” he was reported as saying.

“The answer should be 'what we would want if we were a donor?'”

If you're thinking of changing tack and coming up with an innovative new fundraising campaign that will provoke, gauge opinion and ask questions, consider the role promotional items can play.

You could use promotional mugs with a quirky catchphrase and your charity logo on – a great way to encourage donations.

Campaigns should spark complaints, says Ken Burnett“. ThirdSector. Tuesday July 5th 2011.

Posted by Cheryl Jackson-Leafield