Public donations to cancer charities have been credited with driving a near double rise in cancer research spending over the last decade.

The National Cancer Research Institute (NCRI) said more than £500 million was spent by its partners on research last year.

Spending on research into oesophageal cancer has increased four-fold in the past decade and the amount spent on cancers of the lung and pancreas has trebled.

Some £504 million was spent by NCRI members last year, compared to £257 million in 2002 when spend was first calculated.

Professor Dame Janet Husband, chair of the NCRI, highlighted the importance of public donations to the rise in spending.

“The amount spent on cancer research has risen year on year since the NCRI was formed a decade ago,” she said.

“This is thanks to the British public who make generous donations to cancer charities, and the commitment of government.”

This research shows just how important it is that charities eke positive relationships with potential donors.

There are a number of ways organisations can gain exposure. Think about distributing direct mail, or rolling out a face-to-face street campaign.

You could arm your street fundraisers with promotional items to give members of the public a long-lasting item they can take away with them.

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Posted by Cheryl Jackson-Leafield