A charity used promotional gifts as part of its fundraising efforts recently.

Representatives from Save the Children handed out badges, promotional pens and certificates to participants of a range of sponsored walks in Wessex, the Salisbury Journal reports.

Hundreds of people had a choice of three walks, from three to 26 miles long, starting off from the garden of the Rifles Museum in Salisbury.

Su Lycett, of Save the Children, told the news provider: “We had a very successful reception and we were lucky with the weather.”

No doubt the promotional items will serve as a long-lasting reminder of the efforts the participants put in to raise money for a worthwhile cause.

Recent research suggests people who donate directly through a charity's homepage give more than those who give through social networks like Facebook.

According to a study by US fundraising agency TrueSenseMarketing, donors who go to a charity's website to give money, give on average more than double those who donate on websites like Facebook, ThirdSector reports – a great reason to stick the web address of your charity on your promotional items.

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Posted by Cheryl Jackson-Leafield