Promotional USBs could play a key part in firms' switch to more flexible working options for their staff.

Allowing staff to work from home certainly make sense – enabling them to cut out the morning commute helps the environment, saves money and should make for a happier, more contented workforce.

Of course, flexible working isn't suitable for all industries; but for those that can utilise it, it can be a real game-changer.

All employees need is a computer, a reliable internet connection and a phone.

If you're thinking about offering flexible working to your staff, think about how printed USBs could help with the roll-out.

Giving staff a port on which they can store work documents makes it easy for them to switch from the office to the home, and if you stick your firm's logo on it they'll remember who it is they're working for!

According to Matt Oakley, chairman of the British Council for Offices' research committee, that's something we'll see more of in the future – the rise of the “multi-locational” worker who, while not tied to a desk five days a week, nine to five, may still come into the office from time to time.

“That doesn't mean that lots of people [will be] working from home all the time, but it is more about employers giving their employees the opportunity to work from the best possible place, whether it be at a desk, from one office or a number of offices, or from cafes or from home, or wherever,” he said.

According to 2010 data from the Office for National Statistics, there are more than three million employees in the UK who sometimes work from home or use their home as a base.

Posted by Robin McCrink