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Most businesses these days are called upon at some time to demonstrate their eco-credentials, whether that’s through fuel efficiency, server room energy consumption or the amount of material that they are able to recycle. Companies want the world to know that they are doing their best, throughout the organisation, to safeguard the biosphere.

Obviously, there are a few simple steps that companies can take to make sure that their marketing campaigns are more eco-aware, including investing in environmentally-friendly promotional gifts for both customers and business partners. And the range of promotional products made from recycled materials is huge with everything from pens made from 95% recycled waste and recycled paper pads for use in meeting rooms to bookmarks, yo-yos and usb flash drives.The spotlight most recently though has been falling on the marketing department to quantify the carbon footprint of their marketing supply chain. And when it comes to pulling apart the complexities of the marketing supply chain and getting a true figure for your carbon footprint, it takes a little bit of data analysis.

Created and developed by Envido, the UK’s leading provider of energy, low-carbon and sustainability solutions for private and public sector organisations, CarbonTrack™ is the world’s first credible, universal measurement tool designed to calculate the carbon footprint of advertising campaigns.

According to first estimates using CarbonTrack™, the UK advertising industry is thought to produce an estimated 2 million tonnes of CO2 annually, the equivalent to heating 364,000 UK homes for a year. This estimate is the very first carbon benchmark ever calculated in the advertising industry. Total UK carbon emissions in business reached a staggering 198.7 million tonnes of CO2 equivalent last year.

Returning for a moment to the subject of promotional gifts, there has been enormous publicity over recent years on the subject of plastic bags, particularly supermarket branded carrier bags. Whilst there’s no denying the eco-credentials of branded promotional cotton bags, according to the Environment Agency plastic bags need not be quite the baddie they’ve recently been deemed. A spokesman for the Environment Agency said that thick reusable plastic bags only need to be used 4 times in order to be considered environmentally-friendly. And as Andrew Opie, sustainability director for the British Retail Consortium says: “Agonising over plastic bags distracts consumers from making bigger changes to their habits which would do more to benefit the environment”.

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Posted by Carl Blackshaw.