When you get older in life, it's the little things that matter.

That's we'd like to see Syd Prior, Britain's oldest shop worker, given a promotional pen when he retires this week, just shy of his 97th birthday.

For a man who's seen it all – he served in world war two – we're not sure how cash or a bottle of champagne will go down to mark his years of service.

We reckon he might appreciate something with a little more thought behind it, something that really says thank you – like a branded executive pen.

Syd has been working at B&Q for more than 20 years and is set to retire this week just a day before reaching his 97th birthday.

Euan Sutherland, CEO of Kingfisher UK and Ireland, which owns B&Q, said: “I had the honour and privilege of meeting Syd regularly in our New Malden store where he was a greeter.

“He certainly deserves a very well earned rest and second retirement. We'd all like to wish him a very happy 97th birthday and applaud him for the massive contribution he has made to B&Q,” the Daily Mail reported.

Yep – we think a promotional pen is just the thing for our Syd.

A well-earned rest! Britain's oldest shop worker retires aged 96“. Daily Mail. November 9th 2011.

Posted by Robin McCrink