I’ve just been reading about Recycle Week (June 20-26) – the aim of which is to encourage us all to recycle more both at home and at work – on the recyclenow.com website the Recycle Week page give tips on how this can be done very easily; and in some cases money can be saved (or even made!)

Our customers are very fond of recycled promotional products and in particular items that were something else in a past life. For example we have a recycled money pencil, pencils made from recycled cd cases or pencils made from recycled denim!

We also have a number of eco-friendly promotional items made from recycled tyres; customers can choose recycled tyre coasters, a pencil case or mousemat. Here’s an amusing pic of Carl (our Web Chap) with the recycled version of the Brite-Mat which is made from tyres too.