How to make your customers love your business!

February is the month of romance and, as a small business, it’s crucial to cultivate that feeling of appreciation for your customers.

Check out our 4 top tips to make your customers fall for your brand:


Customers love a freebie

Have you thought of using branded products as a giveaway? It can be as simple as a tote bag, T-shirt, or travel mug.

Not only will you be spreading the word about your business (our insight shows nearly 8,000 other people will see just one bag in a year), but nearly two-thirds of UK customers say they love a company more when they get a free gift.

In fact, our market report ‘How to boost your marketing in 2023’ reveals 61% of those polled say they feel more ‘favourable’ to a brand or business if they have been given a promotional product or free gift.

We polled a thousand people in the UK as part of the research and found it’s the younger generation who love gifted merchandise the most, with 73% of 18 to 29-year-olds saying it influences their opinion of that brand or business in a positive way.

Computer programmers are the profession who love to bag a freebie with 100% saying it makes them view a company more favourably, followed by fashionistas (84%) and accountants at 71%.


It’s all about emotion

We choose what to buy with our hearts more than our heads according to the latest thinking as epitomised by consumer psychologists.

Studies show that buyers choose their products based on how they feel about the brand more than the facts, meaning that emotions are the ‘superweapons of marketing’ and one worth having in your arsenal.

So how do marketeers create emotion for their brands? One way is to be on the same wavelength as your key customers and align your brand to the issues and sentiments they love. Whether it’s supporting a community cause, ensuring products fit the same ethos such as sustainability or hark back to your heritage and their loyalty.

Emotion should be at the heart of all your marketing activity and we all know how tugging on consumer heartstrings can work. John Lewis Christmas ad anyone?


The ‘L’ word

What makes a brand a ‘loved’ brand, a ‘go to’ purchase for punters regardless of cost or indeed, even performance (and yes according to the experts they do exist).

Talkwalker, who specialise in social media analytics published a study based on hundreds of conversations across all platforms and forums and revealed the most popular brands.

It was the affection and fondness people have towards them that they analysed, and the results are surprising with Huda Beauty, Moulinex and M.A.C. gaining the top three slots.


Keeping the spark alive

And according to our report, a staggering 9 out of 10 (91%) people are likely to do business again with a company who has given them free merchandise or a promotional product.

Here at 4imprint we ‘heart’ our customers and you can find out more about our insight in our free market report on The Power of Promotional Products.


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