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Are relationships at the heart of your social-media strategy?

Promoting your business or organisation is both obvious and necessary, however it’s vital not to forget your overall vision and goals around connecting with your target audience, whether that be the public at large, donors for your charitable cause or a niche audience of buyers for your particular product or service.

With this in mind, organisations that are looking to promote their brand via social media have been urged to remember the importance of building relationships with consumers.

According to Anna Lawlor, a Content Creator and Co-Director of Social i Media, firms should not be using platforms such as Facebook and Twitter “for the sake of it.” Instead, they need to focus on establishing a relationship with their target audience, as this is crucial in order to engage with people through this medium effectively.

“Relationship capital should be at the heart of any brand’s social media activity – ultimately, social is about people,” Ms Lawlor commented. Additionally she speculated that social media platforms might actually be “separating us from this human touch.”

Organisations that use social media as a marketing tool were encouraged to avoid using it as a broadcast tool (eg simply to advertise special offers.) Lawlor believes many marketers have simply shifted their traditional approaches on to Facebook, Twitter and other platforms; whilst she notes the more successful brands actually use social media to also engage and interact with their followers.

Sam Haseltine, Solution Consultant at Adobe, was also keen to stress the need for marketers to make the audience their priority, rather than the platform. This, he said, is because an organisation’s marketable audience “changes far less frequently than social platforms” which means people and their needs should be the main focus. Mr Haseltine noted that Tumblr, for example, is far from being a new platform, yet if a firm’s audiences are moving to this site, they need to establish a presence there.

The past decade has seen such an unprecedented shift towards digital communications it is both difficult to avoid or dismiss it; however, whilst some platforms do seem to be ‘here today and gone tomorrow’ the expert advice of not forgetting “it’s actually all about your audience” should be reflected on every once in a while.