Marketing News: Are you making the most of your businesses data?
Are you making the most of social media?
Over the last few years social media has established itself as a fantastic tool for businesses to improve consumer engagement and drive sales. Are you making the best use of this resource to showcase what you do and drive interest in your brand? Recent studies show just how vital it is to get the basics right. Read on for thoughts and tips and check out our latest infographic Social Marketing – 10 Tips for Managing a Great Campaign that we hope will help you get the most from your future social media campaigns.

Pay attention to mobile users
With the emergence of smartphones and tablets, more and more of us are accessing the internet via mobile devices. A staggering 71% of people according to Adobe access social media in this way. So be sure to create optimised content with mobile users firmly in mind.

Respond to your followers
Pre social media businesses could ignore customer feedback (or complaints!) but nowadays this is virtually impossible. Today all eyes are on firms to see how and how quickly they respond to customer posts. A study by Lightspeed Research and the IAB revealed that 25% of those who complain on social media expect a response within an hour. So don’t delay and make sure you reply to posts quickly.

Make sure you have a clear message
Simply signing up for Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest isn’t enough. You need to have clear targets and objectives as to what you want to get out of it. You should also ensure you portray a consistent message to your target audience that fits in with your brand image and complements your wider promotional activity.

Make sure you have enough resource & expertise
As well as having a strategy you also need to put the right resources behind your campaigns. This may mean you need to employ a Social Media Executive as by having a specialist in place you can be confident you have the knowledge and expertise available to make the best use of these platforms.

Make sure your posts have lots of images
Every day 350 million images are uploaded to Facebook; with so many posts appearing you need to come up with something eye-catching to attract attention. Make sure your posts have visual content that reinforces your campaign message and also conveys relevant information in an instant.

Know your target audience & make sure your content is relevant and original
As with all marketing activity, identifying and understanding the needs, tastes and preferences of your target audience is fundamental, and likewise you’ll need to ensure your content is relevant and of interest. Don’t forget to project your personality and make sure it shines through in all your status updates, images and videos.

Encourage word-of-mouth marketing
According to Branderati, a word-of-mouth recommendation is the main factor behind 20-50% of all purchasing decisions. Figures also indicate that marketing-induced consumer-to-consumer word-of-mouth produces more than twice the sales generated by paid advertising. Consider if it’d be possible to incentivise your existing customers to LIKE your Facebook page or follow you on Twitter?

Maintain a blog or try writing an ebook
Raising Brand Awareness and Boosting Engagement are a couple of reasons why companies market themselves with content. Additionally Thought Leadership is another common objective, figures from the Content Marketing Institute show this is a priority for nearly half of UK marketers at the moment. Marketers are also increasingly recognising the value of blogs as a means of getting a brand message across, with many regarding it as the most valuable type of content marketing; writing an ebook could be another great way to showcase your knowledge and expertise. Content is a great way to stimulate debate, project your personality and highlight your industry expertise all at the same time so make sure blogs are regularly updated so people come back to engage with your brand time and time again.

Social Marketing – 10 Tips for Managing a Great Campaign