Marketing News: Are you making the most of your businesses data?
Are your campaigns designed for different channels?

From online advertising, social media and paid search to TV ads, PR, events and CRM, companies of all sizes aren’t short of ways to reach out to existing and prospective customers, clients and corporate partners. But are you making the best use of these channels and delivering a coherent and consistent campaign?

According to a new study by Hotwire, nearly 1 in 3 senior marketers say their campaigns aren’t designed for multiple platforms, while almost half admit their promotional drives usually run in isolation. So how can both businesses large or small create more integrated campaigns and make the most of any multi-channel strategy?

Make the best use of available resources

Some 29% of marketers told Hotwire that a lack of resources is behind their failure to integrate their marketing strategies. However, there are options available for organisations with limited funds or manpower available. For instance, they could perhaps consider interns or temps to work on particular projects, or even hire interim managers to take charge of specific campaigns and bring their experience to the table. Another option is to target those platforms that aren’t prohibitively expensive to use, such as social media or events attended by people they want to bring on board, such as trade shows. The latter option especially offers an effective yet affordable way to bring on board B2B clients, as organisations can meet prospects face to face and use the opportunity to make a lasting impression. For instance, they’re an ideal place to give out freebies such as pens, notebooks and USB Flashdrives branded with your logo for a lasting reminder after the event. Ultimately, if limited resources are an issue, you have to ascertain what methods will deliver the best returns on your investment, such as the most online click-throughs, referrals, retweets or the most consistent brand visibility to your target audience.

Bring disparate teams together

The Hotwire study revealed that nearly a quarter of senior marketers feel there is a disconnect between the teams working on these campaigns. This doesn’t need to be the case, as it’s not difficult to hold regular meetings involving everyone who is involved in your marketing activities. This could even include any agency staff you use, to ensure they know what is going on that does not directly concern them but may still be relevant. Finally, if your organisation is big enough, consider mixing up your teams via internal secondments and transfers, as it will give everyone a better overview of your firm’s wider marketing activities and an insight into how other teams work.

Determine goals before deciding what channels to use

More than 1 in 5 senior marketers polled by Hotwire admitted they were not certain about what channels would be best to use. But one way to achieve greater certainty would be to decide exactly what you wish to achieve and who you wish to target beforehand. This can be critical in influencing your choices. After all, are you looking to target a mass audience or do you want to engage with people on a more personalised and individual level? Do you wish to boost sales by a set figure or increase long-term brand awareness, visibility and awareness? By identifying exactly what you want to achieve, it should be easy to work out which channels will help you make this happen. It also allows you to work out whether or not your campaign has been successful, so keep tracking your results and respond to them if necessary.

One final key point to make is that for all the hype around digital marketing techniques and particularly emerging platforms such as Snapchat, traditional offline methods can still be hugely effective. It’d therefore be foolish to rule out more established approaches such as dropping leaflets through people’s doors, equipping staff with promotional T-shirts and giving prospective customers giveaways such as printed mugs, keyrings or sweet treats, as these might deliver exactly what you want to achieve.

Organise data

A notable finding in the Hotwire study was that 15% of senior marketers find integration difficult because their data is not organised effectively. The answer is therefore to invest in an integrated CRM and database system, so customer interactions are recorded, scheduled and acted upon. Diverting resources to actively maintaining the data and gathering new information, as well as purchasing data from third parties, can also pay dividends and should help to deliver meaningful insights.

Running a coherent and consistent marketing strategy across multiple channels does not have to break the bank, even for smaller businesses. By working out what you wish to accomplish beforehand, making decisions with this in mind at every step and improving processes and lines of communication throughout your company, you should be well-placed to deliver a strong campaign.


Infographic: A third of marketers say their campaigns are not designed for multichannel Wallblog.