Marketing News: How can live videos boost your brand in 2017?
How can live videos boost your brand in 2017?
Every year seems to be defined by the emergence of a new marketing platform and its move firmly into the mainstream. This year looks set to be the year of live streamed videos – with videos recorded using either professional cameras or a standard smartphone being instantly broadcast online, via platforms such as Facebook and Instagram. This approach became increasingly popular in 2016, so we’re confident it will blossom further as 2017 unfolds.
But what is it about live videos that brands find so appealing? And what can you do to make the most of this approach?

It’s authentic
The best marketing content shows off a brand’s true face, and what can be more authentic than something that is immediate, unedited and possibly not even scripted? This can be more engaging and resonant with a target audience than something that has been pored over in a marketing agency’s meeting rooms for months on end.

Live video is immediate
The always-connected culture we live in today gives people access to an unprecedented amount of information in an instant. This has created an expectation for brands to be just as switched on to the latest news and developments, so live video gives them a chance to react straight away.

It’s now a proven marketing method
After 2016 saw brands experiment with live video as a marketing tool, other organisations can now look at real case studies to see what worked for them and what didn’t. These insights could be just the encouragement and confidence they need to start using live videos for themselves.

Live videos can show different aspects of your brand
It’s often said that the front page of a website is a shop window for an organisation. But the same can be said for posts on social media, given their potential audience. You can therefore ensure you are showing your best side on live videos, from close-ups of your products and services to a peek at competition prizes. Live videos could also let you showcase your top people, which both humanises your brand and establishes your key talent as thought leaders in your industry.

Experiment to see what works
Since live videos are transient and almost expected to be fairly simple and straightforward, there are few budget restrictions on brands that want to adopt this approach. This means they can afford to take a few risks and experiment with bold and risky approaches that stand out to viewers. And it frees up your budget to use on other aspects of an integrated marketing campaign, from outdoor advertising and radio ads to branded merchandise such as cotton bags and stress shapes to giveaway at trade shows and events.

Time your videos right
Do some research into when your social media posts get the best engagement and try to arrange live videos for these times. By timing it right, the chances of your live videos being seen by the people you are trying to reach are boosted significantly.


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