Marketing News: Content Marketing continues to gain momentum

Content Marketing continues to gain momentum
A new study has revealed that many organisations are increasingly placing more of a focus on Content Marketing. According to research by the Content Marketing Association (CMA), 85% of UK senior marketers are aware of Content Marketing with many of those who have adopted this approach already seeing strong results and more than half planning to increase their investment over the coming year.

What is Content Marketing?
Content takes many forms; infographics, customer magazines, white papers, e-books, case studies and blogs being popular examples. The Content Marketing Institute provide the following definition “Content marketing is the marketing and business process for creating and distributing relevant and valuable content to attract, acquire, and engage a clearly defined and understood target audience – with the objective of driving profitable customer action.”

The recent CMA study highlighted that many organisations are now spending more money on Content than on more traditional forms of marketing. For instance, 60% of marketers said around 20% of their promotional budget now goes towards Content Marketing. And by contrast, they’re putting just 11% into online advertising and only 10% towards ads in print publications.

What could Content Marketing do for my organisation?
The CMA cite the following reasons for adding Content Marketing to your marketing mix.

  • To increase sales
    Content Marketing provides a controlled and portable shop window for companies to sell products to their customers in their own time. Research found that over 50% of consumers say that Content has a positive impact upon purchase decisions, with 61% agreeing that it increases brand positivity.
  • To retain customers
    Retaining existing customers makes sense! By offering both entertainment and information, Content Marketing rewards existing customer with engaging editorial while keeping them updated on new products or services.
  • To build or reposition a brand
    For any company wishing to build or transform their brand, they need a method of communication that gets their message across quickly in a controlled manner. Since good content on websites, emails, mobiles and print products requires a certain degree of concentration on the part of the consumer, you have the ideal opportunity to alter their perception of your brand.
  • To engage customers long term
    While some firms may use Content Marketing for short-term gain, the real benefit will come from long-term engagement. Regular communications will help build up a bond with the reader, increasing their trust in your brand (and will hopefully make your product/service their first choice.) By opening a regular dialogue with your reader lines of communication are open to allow constant feedback that should be used to improve your service overall.

Such findings and benefits demonstrate that Content Marketing has moved firmly into the mainstream and is becoming a crucial part of how many brands promote themselves to their target audience.
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