Marketing News: Are you getting the most from your mobile marketing?
Are you getting the most from your mobile marketing?
Smartphones have become so important to people that many of us are almost addicted to checking them every few minutes. According to Ofcom, 71% of Britons now own a smartphone, and this has helped them become the most popular devices for accessing the internet.

So what does this mean for marketers?

Well, in short it means that mobile marketing is not going away any time soon. We can do everything from order a takeaway to transfer huge sums of money abroad in just a few clicks these days, so it pays to have a mobile-optimised website and app that people can engage with anywhere and everywhere.

A recent study by the Mobile Marketing Association (MMA) and Warc found that 91% of marketers in Europe, the Middle East and Africa are going to spend more on mobile marketing over the coming year – so the pressure is on for brands to come up with innovative and user-friendly campaigns that stand out for all the right reasons.

We therefore thought it would be useful to outline a few points that could help you get the most out of your mobile strategy…

Mobile marketing doesn’t just mean texting customers & clients
As technology has evolved, the definition of mobile marketing has broadened considerably, so a campaign must go beyond simply sending texts to people on your contact list. 65% of those polled by MMA and Warc said they are incorporating video into their mobile campaigns, while 56% plan to make use of location data. That’s a significant proportion of companies who are eager to leverage the full potential offered by the latest smartphone technology, rather than stick to a more old-fashioned approach. WhatsApp and Snapchat are also well worth looking at if you want to deliver different types of media to people via mobile, as vast numbers of smartphone users will have these apps installed, and they can again offer a more engaging and distinctive experience than a text message.

Get active on social media
According to Ofcom, more than 1 in 3 adults check their phones within 5 minutes of waking up, mainly to check social media. And once they’re awake, they’ll spend up to 2 hours a day browsing the internet, banking and shopping online and continuing to check Facebook and Twitter. Brands looking to drive interest and engagement should therefore make a point of keeping their social channels updated with content that can easily be viewed from a tiny smartphone screen, such as striking images and videos that can be enjoyed without sound.

Link mobile to wider marketing efforts
Mobile marketing must fit into a wider integrated campaign if it is to be a meaningful part of a brand strategy. Your underlying business goals must be central to what you hope to achieve from a mobile campaign, or it won’t resonate with your target audience as well as it should. And make sure any mobile platforms you use, from websites to apps, are fit for purpose and well optimised for different mobile devices. If they offer a slow and frustrating experience to users, it could reflect badly on your wider brand and harm your reputation.

Gather data and use it
Mobile platforms offer countless opportunities to collect valuable customer information, which can be used to inform future marketing drives. Whether it’s incorporating sign-up forms into web pages and text messages, or reading analytics from your social media channels, you have lots of opportunities to solicit data and gather it for yourself. It all helps you gain a greater understand of who is engaging with your brand, as well as when and where they are doing it.

Offer incentives to aid engagement and data collection
Customers are often happy to engage with your brand via mobile if they feel there’s something in it for them. So consider a prize draw to reward those who ‘Like’ or share something on your Facebook page, recommend you to friends or download and use your app? Prizes could be anything from a discount to tech-related promotional items such as Power Banks, Stylus Pens or Earphones bearing your name and logo. Online polls can also build engagement with mobile users, so they feel increasingly invested in your business and you get valuable feedback in return – and again the opportunity to reward and show your appreciation to those who take part.

Don’t forget the marketing basics
Finally, don’t ignore fundamental marketing principles, such as ensuring communications are relevant, timely and capable of adding value to the customer experience. An all-singing, all-dancing mobile app or a video shared on social media is worth very little if it does not follow these basic rules.


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