Marketing News: How to make your brand work harder
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How to make your brand work harder
All businesses have a brand if they have any kind of public interface, but many are guilty of allowing that brand to simply evolve over time and are in danger of missing a valuable marketing tool that doesn’t necessarily need a huge investment of cash or time.

At 4imprint we know the importance of brand power – we have built a business helping companies market themselves to other businesses and consumers by exposing and reinforcing their brand identity through promotional merchandise.

Branding can help your business grow, retain customers and motivate your employees, but if you don’t have a clear brand identity and brand guidelines, marketing your business could result in many actions and decisions that are unrelated to one another.

Some businesses often confuse branding as little more than a logo. While a logo is obviously a vital part of the branding process, there are many other components.

Your brand identity is how your customers feel about you and your company. Done effectively, a brand that communicates an essence of quality will influence customers to think that a product or service is better than a competitor, meaning your company stands out from the crowd.

Three steps to a stronger brand:
Step 1: Have a clear brand strategy and brand guidelines. Knowing how you want your brand to work for you is vital to getting the most out of it and is one of the most effective steps you can take to strengthen your brand identity.

Step 2: Integrate your brand in all activity. For example, ensure that all your marketing communications consistently apply your logo, colour palette, typography, photography, graphical layout and tone of voice.

Step 3: Your customers, suppliers and employees are brand ambassadors. If employees understand your brand values, they will be able to present a consistent image to customers. Customers are likely to remain loyal and recommend you to colleagues, friends or family if your brand values align with their own values and outlook.

All of these elements should create brand awareness among your target audience, differentiate your business from the competition and create numerous opportunities for growth.

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