Marketing News: Should businesses tap into people's love of technology?

Should businesses tap into people’s love of technology?
All the latest gadgets and gizmos have been under the spotlight at this week’s International Consumer Electronics Show (CES) in Las Vegas.

The sheer scale of the event is a reminder of how much technology has permeated every aspect of our lives. No longer are electronic devices exclusive to ‘geeks’ or IT professionals! Today, they are readily available to everyone and have become hugely important to us all.

So could businesses that are looking to engage with consumers benefit from tapping into this love of technology?

A new survey by Gallup (1) has examined the devices people in the US own and how trends have changed throughout the last decade. For example since 2005, the number of people owning a laptop, iPod and mp3 player has soared by 26 per cent. It seems strange now to recall that back in 2005 internet access via a phone was simply not an option yet now 62% of those interviewed have a smartphone with internet access.

It is therefore clear that technology has become a big part of people’s day to day lives. As a result, companies that are looking to retain customers or generate new business might want to bear this in mind when they’re considering new marketing campaigns or promotions.

In order to engage consumers or incentivise people into making a purchase many companies give away printed products such as pens, keyrings and mugs, as surveys reveal genuinely useful items that recipients are likely to use on a regularly basis will be used and retained for many months (2). So if consumers are becoming increasingly dependent on technology it certainly makes sense to reflect this in the promotional merchandise firms give away.

For instance, the growing popularity of smartphones means accessories such as handset covers or a stylus are likely to go down very well. Similarly, lots of customers might find branded laptop bags or neoprene tablet sleeves very useful, particularly if they often take their laptops or tablets with them when they are out and about. Companies could find giving out promotional merchandise to technology users a great way to show they are modern and forward-thinking.

This therefore means firms should try to keep an eye on developments in the consumer electronics sector, as they don’t want to run the risk of appearing out of touch because they’ve missed the rollout of the latest gadget sensation. “Technology and consumer electronics is a dynamic field; devices that are commonplace can quickly become obsolete as new products emerge” Gallup observed. “Compared with 2005, fewer Americans today have desktop computers, VCRs and basic cellphones, while there have been substantial increases in ownership of mp3 players and laptops.”

A similar trend has emerged in the UK, with people becoming increasingly dependent and enthusiastic about gadgets, the queues that appear outside Apple stores every time they launch a new phone or tablet is surely proof of this!

Organisations could find the widespread love of technology offers a great opportunity to generate new business with tech-related giveaways offering an on-trend way of building brand awareness.


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