Marketing News: Is it time to refresh your logo?
Is it time to refresh your logo?
You might recently have noticed that supermarket chain Aldi has slightly tweaked its logo to make it appear a bit more three-dimensional. Of course, any experienced marketer knows that changing a logo can be risky. After all, it’s an image that’s indelibly associated with a brand and loyal customers sometimes don’t like change. That’s why most changes that we do see are fairly subtle. For instance, when search engine Google changed its logo back in 2015, the overall concept behind it was the same as before, only with slightly softer colours and a sans serif font.

Some might argue that if the changes are minimal, then what’s the point in going to the expense of rolling out a new logo? But there are times when a subtle brand refresh can be a good idea…

Marketing platforms have evolved over the years
Digital innovations have transformed marketing and you need to keep up with the pace of change. That means your logo must work well with new media and render well on new platforms. A logo that looked good on top of headed notepaper and roller banners, or even the screen of a desktop PC, might not come across as well on alternative platforms, such as tablets and smartphones. If a logo appears too cluttered or hard to identify on a smaller screen, it’s probably time for a change and for something simpler. By changing your overall company logo, you can ensure your brand imagery remains consistent and easily identifiable across all medium.

People can’t tell what you’re about
The best logos are easy to view and understand, ie. people know what the brand is and what it represents instantly. It’s therefore worth carrying out research to see if people feel this way about your logo. If you hear it’s too complicated or unclear, you need to respond and come up with a revision or something new.

Your business has grown
Many start-ups often come up with their own branding and imagery as they may not have the money to turn to a designer. But with growth the need to project a less of a homespun image may come and it may be time to bring in an expert to review your branding and logo. By using this on everything from digital platforms to promotional merchandise such as pens, keyrings and mugs you can start to build your brand further and, if appropriate, look to reach new audiences.

Other competitors have better logos
Businesses in all industries have to keep an eye on what their rivals are up to, so you might sit up and take notice if a competitor has a more appealing and eye-catching logo than you. After all, that’s the one prospective customers and clients will look towards first, in which case an image refresh could be a great way to ensure you get noticed too.

Your business model has changed
As the operating environment in your industry evolves, so may the nature of your product offering and services. And this may mean your logo no longer reflects what you are today. By ensuring your logo effectively conveys your brand today, you can not only better showcase your existing offering but tell customers where you’re heading in the future too.

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