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Why B2B marketers need to provide the right content at the right time
It’s all about timing as the saying goes in comedy, but it’s also true in business, and never more so then when it comes to content.

The wrong content at the wrong time can be catastrophic but the right stuff, that hits the mark, can be a great bonus to your business.

Who can forget Mastercard’s classic ‘are u ok hun’ tweet to Visa after the credit card giant went down, revealing a timely sense of humour and making the point that they were still up and running – a masterly stroke of right time, right place and right content.

Being quick off the mark is the key and what all businesses need in our ‘need it now’ culture is relevant content that is on the money.

Content from your e-shots to posts on social platforms should be scheduled on a content calendar which takes into account key dates – whether it’s seasonal milestones such as Christmas or the expected launch of a new product or service. Maybe there are annual industry events such as award ceremonies or conferences that you can capitalise on? It may be possible to post a next day commentary on a government or industry announcement which will be both informative to your clients and make you stand out as an authority in your field.

Another key element of content marketing is to know your audience. Customer insight, especially for B2B marketing, is crucial and knowing what your clients are interested in, is essential. If your product is right, customers will want relevant product content, but bad or too much content, or even spamming their inbox, could work against you.

Good content needs to be original and have a call to action. A call to action is essential for B2B marketing as it’s a way to measure the success of your campaign. How many people replied? How many people clicked a link? It also gives you a follow-up opportunity.

Content needs to be original to help to get cut through with your audience; it should also help bolster SEO. But most of all, you need to get the timing right..