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Why brands need to be distinctively recognisable to win in the marketplace

Which came first? The brand or the product. It’s the chicken and the egg marketing conundrum and one where the brand wins.

Quite rightly, many companies focus on differentiating their products and services from the competition.

However, some organisations underestimate the impact of having a brand that is distinctively recognisable and that immediately conveys a message about a business.

A good example of brand distinctiveness is in the soft drinks industry.  Coca-Cola and Pepsi offer different varieties of Cola, but sales are driven largely by the power of their respective brands. How these companies market themselves and promote their brand is fundamental to their success.

The same principle applies to small businesses. There may not be much difference between what you offer and what your competitors offer, but with a good brand identity in the customer’s mind you’re positioned as first choice because you’re distinctively recognisable.

Creating a distinctive brand
Having distinctive brand elements and values show customers what a brand is and what it stands for.

Creating unique elements such as a company logo, colour scheme, typography, advertising style and strapline all help to create brand recognition.

Look better than your competitors and customers will think you are
Additionally, a professionally developed brand also positions your company to work with larger organisations. With a strong brand identity, customers are more likely to remember your business, while a strong brand name, a logo and powerful images that resonate well audiences will ensure front-of-mind awareness.

And when customers are happy with your products or services, a solid brand identity will in turn help to increase customer loyalty.

If you want your business to stand out over your competitors you must consistently, and relentlessly, uphold brand elements to create a retrievable impression as part of innovative marketing campaigns that attract new customers while retaining existing ones.