Many observers and figures in the marketing industry believe the nature of the sector has been transformed in recent years.

While this is no doubt true to an extent, largely due to the growth of digital media, some are keen to stress that it is in many ways still the same.

For instance, Nick Dutch, head of digital at Domino’s Pizza, has this week stated that marketing is still ultimately about connecting with a target audience.

This, he said, means the world of marketing is “no more or less complex” today than it was several years ago.

Speaking to the Guardian, he said the only difference is that there are now more channels and sub-channels.

“We’re always making sure we focus on the bigger objective, which is selling more pizza,” Mr Dutch commented.

“We try to focus on the biggest opportunities and these aren’t necessarily the newest opportunities.”

Mr Dutch noted that it took his organisation some time to realise this, as it has in the past occasionally been “guilty” of believing the hype about certain channels.

As a result, it hadn’t necessarily concentrated its efforts on the ones that are likely to deliver the best results.

He flagged up social media as a particularly important marketing platform at the moment, as the emergence of sites such as Facebook and Twitter has led to marketing crossing over into the mainstream.

This, he stated, means there is much more understanding about the nature of digital advertising.

Mr Dutch also pointed out that new channels are more accountable than many of the longer-established promotional platforms.

“You can talk in terms of retention, acquisition, how it all impacts the bottom line – people are aware of what’s possible and that’s a good thing,” he added.

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Posted by Robin McCrink.