When you next head off for a flight away somewhere you might end up being the proud bearer of a promotional pen from Mitsubishi Pencil Company – the firm is taking a range of promotional gifts to UK airports as part of its new sampling strategy.

According to Field Marketing & Brand Experience, the firm will set up at a series of airports to distribute free samples of its Vision Elite roller ball pen.

Passengers will receive promotional pens and have a chat with representatives from the firm as part of the marketing push.

Waterproof and with fade-proof qualities, the pen is designed for business travellers, making Mitsubishi's decision to pitch up at airports an obvious one.

Stuart Barker, marketing manager at Mitsubishi Pencil Company, said by distributing promotional items at airports the firm would be reaching out to a new section of consumers.

“Previous sampling activity has taken us to shopping centres and universities throughout the UK. The uni-ball Vision Elite airport roadshow will allow us to target a new audience and engage with the business traveller,” he was quoted as saying.

If you're looking for a different way to market your new product, and perhaps want to reach new customers, why not consider using promotional items?

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Posted by Robin McCrink