The proportion of companies planning to increase their spending on digital marketing has gone up this year, a new survey has revealed.

According to research by Econsultancy, 71 per cent of firms expressed an intention to step up their digital marketing investment in 2014. However, the figure for 2015 stands at 77 per cent – the highest amount since Econsultancy began gathering this data.

Much of this money looks set to go towards content marketing, while search engine optimisation and email marketing are other investment priorities over the coming months.

The report also revealed a strong interest in video advertising, mobile marketing, paid search and social media marketing.

Brands are placing more emphasis on digital marketing in order to take advantage of what Econsultancy has termed the “year of the customer”.

“Companies are 35 per cent more likely to be increasing their budgets for cross-channel/ multi-channel campaign management,” the group commented.

Furthermore, it noted that 30 per cent of companies “strongly agree they are working towards delivering cohesive customer experiences”.

This might partly explain why a growing number of firms are planning to increase their overall marketing spend this year.

Whereas 60 per cent of respondents said they were going to spend more on marketing in 2014, this year 63 per cent expressed a desire to invest more heavily in this area.

In order to support this effort, 71 per cent of businesses are aiming to break down internal silos to make sure their marketing efforts are more integrated and better coordinated.

Marketing Budgets 2015: digital investment continues to grow [infographic], Econsultancy

Posted by Robin McCrink