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It’s great to see more and more charities, hospices and good causes setting up their own Twitter and Facebook pages and starting to communicate with donors and volunteers via Social Media.

If your not-for-profit has already taken this step, another social site that’s worth considering is Pinterest.

Another Social Site? Pinterest? What’s that?
Wikipedia describes the site as a visual discovery tool that people use to collect ideas for their different projects and interests. People create and share collections of images (called ‘Boards’) of visual bookmarks (called ‘Pins’) that they use to do things like plan projects, organise events or save articles for future reference.

Like other social media networks, Pinterest is not the place for blatant self-promotion. It is however, a great way to tell your story and showcase the spirit and values of your organisation, which in turn could lead to a base of followers consisting of both existing, as well as future donors and volunteers. And what’s more, if you’re a regional branch of a larger organisation, it’d also be a fun way for staff to keep up-to-date with their counterparts around the country.

Read on for some helpful tips that could make Pinterest work for your organisation.

Creating your Pinterest Boards
Begin by asking your team if anyone’s already a keen ‘Pinner’ who could lead the project and show colleagues what it’s all about! Be sure to check out Breast Cancer Campaign’s profile that’s both well established and pretty impressive!

With your ‘chief Pinner’ in place, motivate your team to help build a Board worth viewing. After all, who is more passionate and knowledgeable about your cause than the people who are directly involved with it? Boards need to be named and should include descriptions that contain keywords for purpose of search engine optimisation. Encourage employees to Pin photos of themselves and volunteers at work, the progress of projects and requests for the donation for specific items.

Keep in mind that when creating your Pinterest Boards, imagery should be compelling and representative of your organisation. Since not-for-profits generally connect through passion, and because Pinterest is so visually orientated, sharing the right kind of content can really draw attention to your cause.

If you don’t already have photos (or a budget for photography), you may want to try a free app like Instagram that lets you apply filters to transform ordinary photographs into something a little bit different. Consider holding a staff competition to take the most captivating photo for your Boards. Prizes could include magnetic photo frames or printed fridge magnets featuring your images and perhaps you could even award a larger desk picture frame to an overall or annual winner.

Follow & be followed
Grow your content by following other Pinterest users with similar interests. Look for influential people and other non-profits that Pin worthwhile content and then choose to either ‘Like’ or ‘Repin’ their images. You can also engage in conversations by using the ‘Comments’ section. And don’t forget to include a Pinterest share button on your website and promotional materials to encourage others to follow your Boards and Repin your content.

Using Pinterest to fundraise
Create an ‘Events & Promotions’ Board to communicate news of events, fun runs, quiz nights etc. You could also feature any printed items that you have that are sold on to raise funds (as well as awareness) the most popular items for charities include Wristbands, Trolley Keyrings, Badges and Campaign Ribbons.

Using Pinterest as an extension of your organisation is a great way to communicate to others what you’re all about. Not-for-profits often have many great stories to tell and Pinterest can be a great place to share those stories along with your organisation’s vision, mission and passion.

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