Own-brand products are unlikely to bring an end to big name brands. According to Utalkmarketing.com, own-brands have been challenging entrenched consumer products for a long time – particularly in the supermarket sector.

But the use of own-brand products has not diminished the power of a cleverly branded promotional pen or promotional mug.

The website claims that while the own-label sector has “come of age”, it has failed to relegate trusted brands to the bottom shelves of supermarkets.

“For years, Marks and Spencer only sold own label products.

Now it has started stocking certain brands like Marmite, proving that there can be a limit to own label domination if the positioning and the marketing of the branded product is so distinctive that there is no commercial advantage,” the website claimed.

Recently, businesses that target the family market were urged to make sure that their promotional items were family-friendly to ensure their message was not ignored.

1 “Own brands v branded products – which one's the Finest?“. Utalkmarketing.com. Monday, April 18th 2011.

Posted by Robin McCrink