Printed USBs could have a role to play when firms decide to offer their staff training through e-learning tools.

E-learning is becoming more and more popular, and is a great way to deliver training and support to workforces.

According to, e-learning is now suitable for small businesses, so now's a really good time to think about switching to the technology.

“Once, e-learning was something for large companies with big training needs and budgets,” said David Patterson, project director at the company.

“That is no longer the case, with open source solutions such as Moodle, and more and more content becoming open.”

Mr Patterson said his company had recently worked out the return on investment for an e-learning programme at an organisation that wanted to move a significant part of its training to e-learning. 

“Our analysis showed the cost per day of learning delivery fell from £187 per day face to face, to £63 per day using e-learning – that is a saving of £124 per day per learner,” he stated.

So how could promotional USBs help? Well, think about making e-learning user-friendly by providing staff with printed USBs that they can store their training tools and documents on.

And you could always give out promotional pens, too.

Posted by Robin McCrink