Companies in Swansea have donated promotional items to a wounded soldier's project to bring some cheer to his comrades in Afghanistan.

Captain Kelvin Thomas, of 1st The Queen's Dragoon Guards, suffered a broken back in a blast and wants to help other injured soldiers by sending goody bags out to them – and local firms have been offering promotional gifts for the worthy cause, reports the South Wales Evening Post.

Captain Thomas told the newspaper that vouchers and promotional mugs had been donated by local organisations, such as Liberty Stadium, the home of Swansea City FC.

The gifts will be packed into bags that will be sent to soldiers in Afghanistan – a great way to remind them of home.

Captain Thomas, a dad of four, told the newspaper he had been injured in 1996 when travelling in an armoured personnel carrier.

“I got blown up and broke my back and I'm putting the bags together to help those who are injured. It would be nice to get them something from back home in Wales,” he said.

Officer's scheme brings goodwill to injured soldiers“. South Wales Evening Post. Thursday September 15th 2011.

Posted by Robin McCrink