Charities may want to use promotional products to advertise their website address – because new research shows people who donate directly through a charity's homepage give significantly more than those giving through social networking sites and portals.

According to a study by US fundraising agency TrueSenseMarketing, donors who go to a charity's website to give money, give on average more than double those who donate on websites like Facebook, ThirdSector reported.

After analysing data from charity websites, social networking sites and giving portals from 2007 to 2009, the firm found that by 2009, the average gift made directly through a charity website was $257 (£158), through a portal $168 and via a social network $123.

The research suggests that far from ramping up investment in their social media presence, charities may instead want to focus more on marketing their very own websites – and one great way to advertise the homepage address is by popping it on a range of promotional pens.

By giving out promotional products at organised events, charities will spread the word about their website very quickly – a fantastic way to drive traffic to a site.

Posted by Cheryl Jackson-Leafield