Schools in the US may soon be using promotional items as part of a direct mail drive to recruit new students.

Higley Unified School District in Arizona is spending $45,000 (more than £28,000) on its recruitment campaign as competition to enrol pupils in the region hots up, reports

Alongside direct mail, schools will distribute colour postcards and advertisements.

Sara Bresnahan, a spokeswoman for Higley district, said each student is worth about $6,000 to a district.

“We have a need to drive enrolment,” she was reported as saying.

“With all the state funding cuts, every student matters. The costs are minimal to the funding that can bring in more technology, teachers, smaller class sizes.”

With the next school year in the UK beginning in September, now might be a time to think about launching an enrolment drive over summer.

Send out promotional pencils and promotional flashdrives advertising your next open day – show parents you mean business!

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Posted by Carl Blackshaw