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Nearly all industry sectors have their own trade publications and online blogs, with news and written features designed to specifically target people working in that industry. If you’re looking to stay ahead in your field, reading these can be a great way to keep up with the latest developments that may affect you, as well as gauge opinion on key issues such as changes in regulation or shifts in the operating environment.

But how often do you really stop to think about who is writing these pieces?

Many are written by small business owners just like you, who are keen to share their insights and opinions on important matters with their peers. But perhaps they are also hoping by making their presence known it will raise their profile and make their name more recognisable throughout their sector.

So could the same happen to you? If you feel you have something to say about your industry, why not target industry press and relevant websites as a means of getting your name out there? After all, it may help your brand become more recognisable in the future. Writing for trade publications and blogs could establish you as a thought leader in your industry and that may bring huge reputational benefits and credibility.

So before you begin, here are a few things to bear in mind…

Don’t overlook niche outlets
Whilst you may dream of getting a column in the Daily Mail or Time magazine, it’s the smaller blogs and print publications that could actually be most effective in helping you reach your intended audience. After all, trade journals aren’t designed for a mass market and are specifically geared towards people with an interest in a specific field.

Furthermore, the fact that they are relatively small compared to mainstream newspapers and magazines means it could be much easier to get your name in there. Niche outlets might be more receptive to guest articles and if you regularly send them content you may become their first port of call when they need an opinion on a on a topic in the future.

Approach editors with ideas
Any efforts to target a respected publication or blog should be backed up with firm ideas. This is vital regardless of whether you’re trying to put out a string of content in this way, or simply want to write a one-off guest post. So make sure your approach is bolstered by strong suggestions that give you a chance to showcase your insights and expertise.

Get your submission noticed
It’s probably easier than you think to make your approach stand out. For instance, you could make your initial introductions by letter which would allow you to also include some corporate merchandise such as pens, notebooks and other stationery items printed with your name and logo. Since these are items an editor will use on a day-to-day basis they’ll help keep your brand visible both on their desktop and in their mind.

Articles in trade journals and online blogs might seem like a tenuous way to build your brand, as you’re not putting yourself out there in front of a particularly large number of people. But the size of the audience doesn’t matter, only its quality. And by getting your company’s name, logo, contact details and an original and compelling point of view in front of your industry peers, you could start to establish yourself as a reputable and credible thought leader.


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