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Who hasn’t wished for more hours in the day? After all, time is money, right? And in a world where we continually find our plates are full – even overloaded – the thought of wasting time can be hard to stomach. Unfortunately, wasted time often seems unavoidable, for example did you know that we spend around 6 months of our lives waiting at traffic lights – just think what could be done in that time!

So whether you simply strive to use your time as wisely as you can, or perhaps even more so if you’re the owner of a SME looking to make the most of every second, please stop for a just a moment and read this newsletter that we hope will boost your efforts in just minutes a day, there are even some things that can even be done whilst you queue!

Here are some simple things every business owner can do to make every second count.

Boost your social media presence:

Social media can be a great way to engage and interact with customers. In just a couple of minutes a day you can tweet a personalised message to followers or share a post with your Facebook fans. Try a thought-provoking and engaging post – such as TBT (Throwback Thursdays, where you post an old photo on a Thursday with the hashtag #throwbackthursday). If you own a hairdressers and beauty salon, post TBT hairstyles, if you have a car dealer or garage you could post TBT collectors cars. Ask friends and followers to engage with you by sharing their own TBT pics for a chance to win a prize related to your business like an ice scraper (for car dealers) or a nail kit (for a beauty salon.)

Send a handwritten note:

A heartfelt, handwritten thank-you note, arriving in the post, can go a long way to show your customers how much you value their business. And, since many other organisations have let this practice slip, your company will truly stand out from the crowd. In just a few minutes a day, you could create customer loyalty, build relationships and maybe even generate referrals. Depending on your business, it may be hard to send a thank-you note to all your customers, so start with new customers. Include a small welcome gift to leave a lasting impression. A luggage tag or business card holder are both flat and lightweight and could be options worth consideration.Get organised:
There are a number of tools out there to help businesses be more organised and make the most of their precious time. Is your task list a mile long? Or worse yet, a series of Post-it notes stuck to your PC? There are a whole host of apps and cloud based systems that allow you to quickly and easily organise your daily tasks, sync all your devices and share info with colleagues.

Delete, Defer or Delegate:

Taking a couple of minutes at the start of each day to prioritise your time, emails and ‘to dos’ can save precious minutes or even hours in the long run. Notepads printed with a To-Do Checklist can make this task a doddle! Ask yourself whether each task is really necessary, whether it must be done today and whether you are the right person to do it. If not – delete, defer or delegate the task.

We hope you’ve found a few ideas you can use in the future to help make every second count.

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