A number of small charities are still struggling to fill their allocated spaces for this year's London Marathon.

Many organisations contacted by Third Sector claimed they have lowered their donation expectations to entice more people into running the race, which takes place this Sunday (April 17th).

Larger charities, on the other hand, tended to be oversubscribed.

The Africa Enterprise Trust told the news provider that it has just one runner, but has five slots available

David Brown, trustee director at the organisation, told Third Sector: “Our target is £2,000, but if I had found people that were willing to raise £1,000, I would have taken them.”

“It would be good if there was a place for two charities to meet, one with people offering to run, one with places to spare. Logically, the marathon website would be the place,” he added.

The lack of fundraising success for smaller organisations could result in charity mergers – something which already appears to be happening amongst larger charities.

1 Button, Katherine. “Some small charities 'struggle to fill London Marathon places'”. Third Sector. Monday, April 11th 2011.

Posted by Carl Blackshaw