Under the government's recently published waste review, firms and individuals are being asked to do all they can to drive down waste in the UK.

Defra published details this week of how the government will work to achieve a zero waste economy, with people being asked to “do the right thing” by cutting waste and doing more recycling.

Waste going to landfill has almost halved since 2000, with household recycling rates at 40 per cent and business recycling rates at 50 per cent, but more needs to be done.

Eric Pickles, the communities secretary, said both government and the town hall need to “raise their game to deliver more frequent and better rubbish and recycling collections in return”.

So what could you do to drive down waste and encourage recycling?

A local council, for example, might want to run recycling workshops at local libraries – and promotional items could be used to help to really reinforce the recycling message.

If you want to tell people all about a new recycling point or direct them to online recycling information, why not pop the information on promotional mugs or promotional bags?

Plans for a zero waste economy launched“. www.defra.gov.uk. Tuesday June 14th.

Posted by Carl Blackshaw