Wayne Hemingway, the British fashion designer and founder of clothing label Red or Dead, has shown how eco-friendly promotional products can be used to spread green messages.

Hemingway has designed a limited edition umbrella that is made entirely of 100 per cent recycled plastic bottles as part of a sustainable living partnership with Coca-Cola.

Each promotional umbrella is made up from just five plastic bottles, each of which have been crushed and then processed back into yarn.

We like this – a great example of how eco-friendly promotional products can be used to send out a positive message.

“I don't believe in waste, I think we should all be thinking on how we can recycle the materials we all use every day,” Hemingway said.

“We hope this limited edition umbrella will get people thinking and ultimately inspire them to play their vital role in recycling their bottles.”

The designer umbrella will be on sale in Harvey Nichols stores from September 12th for a limited time.

 “Coca-Cola and British eco designer Wayne Hemingway collaborate to create a unique umbrella for autumn“. Coca-Cola. Monday September 12th 2011.

Posted by Carl Blackshaw