What does a uniform mean to a company or organisation? Often, a uniform is there to provide physical protection for members of staff and help them stay clean in certain environments.

But perhaps the key attribute of branded clothing is that it creates a unified image that benefits both customers and employees.

Indeed, a uniform makes staff more identifiable to customers, and helps employees feel a stronger sense of identification with their colleagues.

Staff can feel a sense of community, shared values and belonging when they wear a uniform, as well as greater levels of trust, discipline and confidence.

Customers and clients might also perceive members of staff in specific ways if they are wearing particular colours.

For instance, research has proven that blue is associated with intelligence, trust and helpfulness, hence the colour of a police uniform.

Pink, meanwhile, brings to mind thoughts of warmth and love, making it ideal for a beautician’s jacket, and the cleanliness associated with white makes it perfect for a doctor’s coat.