Marketing to niche audiences

The nature of some businesses means they have to market themselves to very defined and specific audiences. After all, certain products or services might only be sought after or needed by people of a particular age, gender, income or geographical location.Organisations therefore need to be conscious of this when they devise their marketing campaigns, as mass-market advertising methods won’t necessarily be effective in these cases.
So what online marketing techniques can they use to reach a niche audience? Before making this decision, it’s worth creating a persona of your target market – a generic person that has most of the attributes you’ll be looking to sell or market to.You’ll identify factors ranging from their age, gender and job to their daily problems, ethnicity and nationality.Once you’ve put together a profile of your desired customer, you’ll be able to decide what kind of language is appropriate to use in your communications. For instance, if they’re technical experts, you’ll know it’s reasonable to use specialist jargon, whereas you might be better off not assuming knowledge if you’re targeting someone who’s not so well informed.Furthermore, your tone of voice will depend partly on your audience’s priorities. Are they looking to be informed and educated, or are they planning to make a purchase and therefore seeking product and pricing details? It’s vital that all promotional activities are tailored with these factors in mind.

There are many effective ways of targeting niche audiences via digital channels. Content marketing, for instance, has become a great way of engaging target audiences and improving brand awareness, as well as appealing to small audiences.

Email marketing, meanwhile, can also yield results, as emails can be personalised to each individual and based on specific data such as a person’s browsing history and past purchases.

Platforms including social media and mobile devices are worth looking at as well for firms that want to target minority customers, engage them with a brand and encourage them to make a purchase.

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