The power of branded shopping bags

Did you know that since the plastic carrier bag levy was introduced in 2015, the number being taken home from shops has fallen by 80%?

Since many don’t want to pay the 5p charge, people are increasingly opting for reusable bags. And this is in turn opening up opportunities for brands to make a lasting impression.

After all, shopping bags remain in the home and therefore provide a continuous reminder of an in-store experience.

As a result, they offer an opportunity to expose people to a brand name and logo day after day for a minimal outlay.

Reusable bags also help to boost a person’s self-esteem, as they may feel virtuous for being environmentally-friendly.

Rolling out reusable bags could therefore enable brands to become inextricably linked with something that makes them feel good.

Add to that the fact that anyone using a reusable bag in the street from your brand might be proudly displaying your name and logo – and therefore giving you free advertising everywhere they go.

For more information on this subject, download the latest infographic from promotional products retailer 4imprint – The power of branded shopping bags – outlines more reasons why it’s worth investing in reusable bags, examples of success stories and evidence of the psychological impact they can have on consumers.