Rebrand your business effectively

Your brand is what customers and the general public think of your organisation when they see or hear your brand name. Brand values can cover how you operate, your product range, the markets you operate in or your corporate culture. Over time, you may want to change these brand values and that’s where rebranding can help.

But there are many factors to consider if you are thinking of changing the face of your organisation.

Firstly, what is the reason behind this move? Are you aiming to update your image as your brand is outdated and doesn’t reflect what you are about today?

Are you aiming to stand out in a crowded marketplace, or are you keen to broaden your audience and appeal to new people? Or alternatively, are you trying to leave behind negative associations linked to your brand?

The reason why you want to go about rebranding will fundamentally affect how you go about it.

It involves much more than changing your colour scheme and logo – decisions must be based on evidence and with a clear strategic goal in mind.

Promotional products retailer 4imprint has produced an infographic – Rebrand your business effectively – which outlines many of the key issues that must be considered, along with a few examples of rebranding successes and failures from recent history.